Fish farming project

The Fish farming project is aiming to improve the nutrition of the local people and the neighboring communities by providing cheap source of fish protein, and by putting to ultimate self-sustaining use of the available potential places of small-scale fish farming in south kivu province. The project has already started with ten fishponds but without proper breeds of fish fingerlings.

Healthcare Program

Numerous diseases affecting people in Africa due to the bad conditions of life, eg: diarrhea, malaria, typhoid, skin diseases, etc. The health centers are bad equipped. Over population of the hospitals is a big issue. Hundreds of patients crowded in a little hospital hall. 

Emergency Education

As a business partner, you can help ensure that conflict-affected children in the eastern DRC have access to emergency education. This means that you can, for example, help to restore abandoned schools, ensure that children receive teaching materials and train parents where there are no teachers. At the same time, you can contribute to the establishment of so-called child friendly spaces where children can feel safe, play, and receive special support from adults. The opportunity to offer children in DRC emergency education and child friendly spaces means that conflicted children…

Self-help Refugee project

Whether refugees are staying in a temporary place while they wait for peace and to be able to return home, or whether they have returned to their homes, FUNS would like to help refugee families to be able to fight for themselves and not rely on outside help. We can do this, among other things, by giving micro-loans and grants (starting capital that is not payable back) to both individuals and to groups. The loans are used differently, but the common denominator is that the money helps groups as well…