Self-help Refugee project

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Whether refugees are staying in a temporary place while they wait for peace and to be able to return home, or whether they have returned to their homes, FUNS would like to help refugee families to be able to fight for themselves and not rely on outside help. We can do this, among other things, by giving micro-loans and grants (starting capital that is not payable back) to both individuals and to groups.

The loans are used differently, but the common denominator is that the money helps groups as well as individuals make a profit for the day and the road: some, for example, buy a sewing machine and start a small clothing production. Others buy seeds and utensils to grow vegetables that can be sold on the market. Others again buy flour so they can produce and sell pasta and bread. In addition to the loan, FUNS helps to train concrete skills, e.g. in craft and production methods, accounting and sales.

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