About Us

Who are we?

The Association Unge Nydanskere In South Jutland, is a local association under FUN which is a national organization consisting of young New Danes from different places in the world, but who now live in Denmark.

Purpose in Denmark

The purpose of the association is to help young New Danes to participate in an active community association on a Christian basis of values.

The association wants to organize various activities that allow for positive togetherness and engagement in the local environment. The aim is to be developed through several departments with independent age-appropriate meetings, including:

Children’s Club (BK, 0-12 years

Teenage Club (TK) 13-17 years

Youth Group (UK) 18-30 years.

FUNS cooperates with associations, NGOs and Churches, both in Denmark, Europe and in Africa.

The association is established and works in full compliance with Holy International Christian Ministries Denmark.

The association is also affiliated with the national organization FUN, the Association Unge Nydanskere, and is thus a member of the Danish Youth Council DUF.


To create the necessary opportunities for vulnerable children so that they can create a good future, to protect themselves, to help them so that they have the skills and confidence to face life’s challenges.

The association will also work for those who help the association to learn to give what they have learned to others who are in the same situation.

The principles the Association works according to are,

If you give a vulnerable family a fish, they eat it and they’re in the same situation. Having eaten the fish, they depend on others to give them more.

Instead of this, the association will give the family a fishing rod while teaching them how to fish.

In a transferred sense:

The association wants to give people the tools they need to support themselves while teaching them how to use these tools.


The association’s vision is to work for vulnerable children growing up in a loving and caring environment, as well as realizing their full potential.


Respect, Love, Hope, Accountability, Attention and Care.


Use what you have.