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Whether you want to help vulnerable children and young people to get a better life, funs can make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable children and young people.

That you can become a volunteer assistant and help with the association’s activities (this requires a children’s certificate)

That you can help organize a fundraising event,

That you can support the association by purchasing a gift through our online shop,

That you can support by donating online.

Become A Member

Membership form

Full name__________________Date of birth and year_______________

Address_________________ Post nr. _________City________________

Register date____________ E-mail address________________________

Phone number ______________________________________________

As a member you will be part of a humanitarian organization working to improve lives. Our organization relies on members like you. Your regular contributions means that we can make long-term strategies for our efforts. In this way you will help to create a strong foundation for our work.

Your membership is both to strengthen our work for vulnerable groups in the partner countries and ensure our work in Denmark.

Become partner

By becoming a partner, you are helping to change the lives of more vulnerable children and young people, spreading the word about what we are doing in Denmark, but at the same time we will also show our gratitude by showing your name / company here on our website and linking to whatever you wish. Then again, an invitation to you who goes with such a longing inside, to contact us via the contact form or via telephone.

Become a sponsor

Sponsor is something you choose to become because you want to make a difference in a vulnerable child’s life.

As a sponsor, you give a child a quality education and a stable future with access to attend School and thus ensuring the child’s schooling. For 250kr a month, you are helping to lift a child, a family, and a community out of extreme poverty and ensure a sustainable future.

 We need you as Volunteer

Whether the amount of support is large or small, we appreciate your contribution and support! By getting involved, you can help the association to improve the lives of vulnerable children.

Our volunteers club aims to recruit more people throughout to help our operations exceed our targets. Have you any spare time to help a vulnerable child in need? Giving up just some of your time could make a significant impact on the lives of these needy children wherever they are. Whether you are young or senior, working or studying, you can make difference.

Your benefits as volunteer

Many of our volunteers tell us that the feeling of helping a vulnerable person is so overwhelming, that any other benefit does not feel relevant. However, our volunteers are the backbone of our charity work and we would like to give you the recognition you deserve for the invaluable help you provide. This can be obtained through references for your CV, a reference for a job application or any other accreditation you may require. Through the many volunteering opportunities, you will also meet new people from all walks of life, share experiences, attend events, and take part in some incredible challenges.