What We Do

The Association for Young Danes in South Jutland supports vulnerable children in Denmark and abroad. The generosity of our donors allows us to pay for food, clothing, education, and medicine for these vulnerable children, but our resources are extremely limited and there are many who need our help.

Many of the children in our care have not received any formal education. We are giving them the support they need to get an education and get the qualifications that the more fortunate children are capable of. They are encouraged to reach their full potential and to go to the High School or University for further education. We want to help vulnerable children financially to obtain professional qualifications. Hopefully, they will then move on to becoming doctors, lawyers, teachers, civil servants or into another vocation they choose.

Areas of intervention

– Protection (prevention, care / rehabilitation and creating a healthy environment protective)

– Health and education,

– Non-discriminatory school education.


Education is one of the best ways to break with poverty and give children and young people opportunities to break with their social heritage, which is why we provide schooling for the most vulnerable children, that is why we make sure that children get to school, and we support families in creating an income so that they can pay for books themselves, school uniform and other expenses for their children’s school. And we teach parents how to support their children in breaking the cycle of poverty. Not all parents understand the importance of education because they have not even gone to school.


We strengthen the health of the most vulnerable children, that the most vulnerable children and families are healthy and have access to local medical clinics when they become ill.

The effort is part of our preventive work, where we provide self-help assistance. Among other things, we support parents in creating a fixed income so that they can provide for their own health and pay for health insurance that provides access to medical care.

Vegetable garden

Families are supported to establish vegetable gardens and knowledge of what they and their children should eat if they are to stay healthy and healthy and avoid malnutrition, which causes millions of children to lose their lives every year. 


we believe that all humans are equal and that any child without parents or guardians, is the responsibility of the whole of mankind. We strongly believe that all children are born with the right to:                                                                                                                                     


clothing Clothing

clean water and access to sanitation Clean water and access to sanitation

medical care Medical care

education Education

adequate nutrition Adequate nutrition

loving care and guidance in a family-orientated home or institution Loving care and guidance in a family-orientated home or institution.


Foreningen for unge nydanskere i Sønderjylland offer the following services:

 Help with translation of letters.

 Help with complaint writing.

 Advice on basic issues human support /practical support.

 Information about Asylum background.

 Information on foreign or Convention passport.

 Digital post/ E-BOX.