Since October 2019 Foreningen for unge nydanskere I Sønderjylland has been working with different partners from Democratique Republic of Congo and Uganda.


SAIP= Associative Solidarity for the Interest of peasant.

Immanuel Development Foundation.

CSCA=Community Empowerment Centre.

ADP= Action for Development and Peace.


The not-for-profit association called “UNION DES REFUGEES CONGOLAIS POUR L’AUTO-PRISE EN CHARGE EN OUGANDA” abbreviated U.R.C.A.U. (in English : UNION OF CONGOLESE REFUGEES IN UGANDA FOR SELF-RELIANCE) was formed on the 5th September 2018 by a group of Congolese refugees living in Uganda guided by the laws and guidelines of the Republic of Uganda.                                                                                                                                                                                             

The headquarters of URCAU is established in the Kampala city, Uganda. The radius of action of URCAU stretches the entire republic of Uganda.

The vision of URCAU is to help man to fully blossom socially, economically, and psychologically.

The mission of URCAU is to identify and avail resources that can contribute to the betterment of socio-economic and psychological life.

The structure of URCAU

URCAU operates through the following organs: The general assembly (GA), The Patron, The board of directors, The evaluation and follow-up committee and the coordination.


  • Promotion of self-reliance in the youth
  • Youth vocational training
  • Promotion of democracy and gender equality
  • Fight against violence to women and children.
  • Community health.
  • Food security

           SAIP= Associative Solidarity for the Interest of peasant

SAIP, “associative solidarity for the interest of peasant” is a non-profit association created in July 2008 by a group of peasants (women and men) victims of armed conflicts, clochardised by the afflictions of wars in repetition in Eastern DRC, Organization of Congolese law working in the education and protection of the child but also in support of social structures for the fight against poverty in two provinces North and South Kivu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, experienced in the protection of children’s rights, in non-formal primary education, and child protection, creation and management of school catch-up centers (CRS) that supervise vulnerable kids (orphans, children living on the street, children living with Handicap, children outside the school system whose age ranges from 9 to 17 years from poor families victims of armed conflicts in Eastern DRC, after non-formal training of the primary level, the older girls and boys are oriented in professional vocational training centers for self-management in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and national solidarity of the DRC through the provincial division of Social Affairs in the province of South Kivu.

It should be noted that hospitals are also supported by medical devices for vulnerable families with children.


• Advocate for integral development in rural and urban areas by caring for the well-being of the marginalized person: (vulnerable child, displaced disabled, returned, handicapped, albinos etc.)

• Promote formal and non-formal education, health, peace, and poverty alleviation through revenue-generating activities (AGR);

• Raise awareness of child rights, education, and child protection, and rehabilitate and support social structures in basic materials).


-Education and protection of children’s rights

-Health, water hygiene and sanitation

-Combating poverty through AGR (income-generating activities for support to basic education)

-automobile professional training (carpentry, cutting and sewing, mechanics)

Immanuel Development Foundation

It’s a non-government organization whose heart is for developing communities and strengthening families through training of skills and enhancing mass production of the agricultural section as a source of living for the rural families in a bid to fight poverty. 

The organization is looking at provision of modern seeds and farm technology to increase on capacity and production of every farm.

Also looking at finding international and local markets for the local farm products in alliance with local and international partners.

We have since 2010 been partners with FICC and Revival Ministry organizations in Denmark and Faroe Island 

We also have a big land area where we can test and development the projects.

We also have a place to school and place to sleep. 


  • we have been able to reach out to the neediest children with basic Accommodation.
  • Have tried to feed the children with basic healthy food at least 3 meals daily for years now.
  • Have also provided the children with school fees full support per child for 3 terms each year.
  • Provided the children with basic health care responding to illnesses that affect children.

CSCA=Community Empowerment Centre.

 Created In 16 February 2009 in Kataka, Centre of Kambegete, Lukando village, Kalima group, national road Nô03 Bukavu-Kisangani; Province of South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, provincial registration December 10, 2010.

 Areas of intervention:

  • Aqua-agri livestock, Fish farming
  •  Environmental protection and natural resources
  •  National education
  •  Governance-peace/democracy.

 Activities carried out:

  • Adult literacy
  • Muni computer centre
  •  prevention and control of corruption in schools
  •  community Micro library
  •  Market gardening
  •  Fish farming and small breeding
  •  Attenuation of global warming
  • prevent fire from bush.


We have a series of activities planned throughout our exercise in our project to support unemployed women and young people who are or are living in critical conditions and are victims of vulnerability while seeking to abolish juvenile delinquency and seek to eliminate rural exodus.

Our activities

Promote the involvement of vulnerable women in the process of building lasting peace.

– Contribute to building the capacity of the actors involved in the transformation of community conflicts.

– Contribute to women’s education through awareness of the culture of peace.

 – Improve collaboration with other organisations and actors involved in the transformation of community conflicts.

– To support women as community actors for the transformation of conflicts because it is always said that promoting women is to promote an entire nation.

Peace and transformation of community conflicts.

Good governance.

– Combating the recruitment of children into armed groups.

Food security.

– Combating gender-based violence.

– Hygiene and reproductive health.

– Environmental protection and sustainable development.

– Education and protection of women and children

These are the activities planned within our association, of course focusing on the value of women and their emancipation, but also on youth, which is a force and a nursery for the development of the community and on the national and international scope.